Brochure Distributors – why become a member of Visitor International?

What is Visitor International?

Visitor International is the International Association of Visitor Information Providers. Our member companies around the world specialize in providing client brochure information to visitors during their stay at their destination. This guide visitors to wonderful experiences. In this way our member companies:

  • Encourage visitors to do, see and enjoy more during their stay at their destination and nearby.
  • Drive business to great experiences (where to stay, attractions to visit, activities to enjoy, the best places to eat and shop, and the best transport to get them there).
  • Deliver hundreds of millions in revenue to client companies every year.
  • Encourage longer stays and repeat visits, by presenting visitors with more opportunities for enjoyment.
  • Help ensure that their services also reflect well on the channels they distribute through e.g. lodgings, attractions, and access gateways.

Why Consider Membership?

The members of Visitor International share a common interest in the practices, procedures, opportunities and challenges unique to our 'visitor information' industry. They are guided by a common code of standards and ethics.

You will join an Association whose objective is to highlight the importance of providing quality visitor information to visitors and to foster the delivery of professional services to clients with Integrity, Quality, and Results.

Membership Benefits

Belonging to the International Association of Visitor Information Providers brings many benefits to any brochure distribution company. In addition to supporting and promoting our industry, membership of Visitor International brings excellent networking opportunities with other companies in the same business. Here are some of the benefits of membership:

  • A Recognised Association: You will join an established a recognised association established over 40 years ago (in 1975), whose members are all professional visitor information providers trusted to deliver for their clients. They all follow the Association’s code of standards and ethics, as you will as a new member.
  • Promotional Profile: You will be profiled on the website as a professional brochure distributor and visitor information provider within your country and territory. Your profile will be comprehensive, changeable when you wish, and include a hyperlink to your website and an email link.
  • Access to Primary Research, supporting your efforts to win business: You’ll have access to primary research that can help you inform clients on the effectiveness of brochures and inform potential display rack host locations on the importance and value of providing quality information (serviced by professional brochure distributors and information providers). This can help you build sales and your distribution network.
  • Learn from Fellow Members: While brochure distribution is the primary activity of our members, they often offer a wider range of visitor information products and services including brochure distribution, maps, magazines, mini-cards, smartphone and tablet apps, posters, desktop and mobile websites, digital displays, kiosks, design services and more.
  • Collaboration: One constant through the years has been collaboration between members. Members continue to refer business to each other to the benefit of members, their clients and visitors. They also share information and learnings through Visitor International and member network meetings. In this way, members all gain from the insights of each other's businesses and each company's different perspectives – including how other companies handle sales, marketing and operational issues.
  • Identify yourself as a Member of the World Association: You can use our logo, branding and can reference our website in all your communications and at events such as trade shows. This immediately identifies you as a member of an association of professional brochure distributors and visitor information providers.
  • Support the Global Industry and Benefit: You will be supporting the visitor information, brochure distribution and display rack service industry, and you help work to expand and enhance it as a viable and effective way to reach visitors.

What do our Members Think?

“The benefits of Visitor International membership are evidenced in the increased sales activity that Official Guides of Savannah has seen during this past year. Having the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues, in similar businesses internationally,  has been invaluable. We have implemented some tangible business ideas and applications made possible through the association. We have also found Visitor International membership to be a significant resource for our staff.”     

DeAnne Mitchell, Official Guides of Savannah


"Having been in the tourism business for over 31 years, we value the opportunity Visitor International provides to network with other visitor information providers​ who understand the challenges and rewards of running a brochure distribution company.  It was gratifying to join Visitor International and realize we were surrounded by other professionals who could collaborate with us on client referral and topical promotional strategies.  We also appreciate and value the marketing research, shared branding, and the enjoyable and informative annual conferences."

Jennifer Toth, TDS Brochure Distributors