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BaliBrochure Company

BaliBrochure provides a comprehensive list of services for all your advertising needs, from brochure distribution to digital marketing. Their brochure services include design, printing and distribution of your brochure to over 200 displays located in Bali’s high tourist traffic areas. BaliBrochure serves its clients by distributing their brochures to these locations and providing a detailed monthly report which identifies the number of brochures taken from each location.

Our History: The story of BaliBrochure starts in 2008 when Bali Alternative Media (BAM) first opened its doors on October 2nd, 2008. BAM was the first postcard and brochure distribution company in Bali. The service was well received and most of the major activity companies in Bali and its neighbouring islands were clients. In May 2016 Bali Alternative Media became BaliBrochure Company.

Our Mission: BaliBrochure aims to maintain the utmost levels of service for our clients through constant employee development and training. BaliBrochure’s mission is to serve their clients while encouraging personal growth in our employees.


Distribution Territory and Channels

BaliBrochure distributes to over 200 displays located in Bali’s high tourist traffic areas.

Products and Services

Graphic design: Their design services include designing brochures, postcards, maps & guides.

Printing: As an added service for their clients, they offer printing of brochures and postcards for distribution through their network of display stands. In addition, they print 60,000 maps quarterly for the Bali Hotels Association.

Distribution: They currently handle distribution for over 50 clients, which accounts for yearly distribution exceeding 250,000 pieces.

Drop Shipment: They also offer special drop shipments for clients when requested. These are typically locations that are not a part of their distribution network.

Official Bali Map by the Bali Hotels Association: In partnership with the Bali Hotels Association, they design, print and distribute 60,000 maps on a quarterly basis. This is the official Bali Hotels Association map and is distributed to our entire distribution network and 150+ BHA member hotels.

Display headboard advertising: We offer premium display stand placement on our headboard. There is only one space available and has been occupied continuously by one of Indonesia’s decacorn startup companies: Go-Jek.


Digital Marketing Service

To complement their existing distribution service they are proud to offer their digital marketing service. Services provided by Actikal include:

  • Brand Reputation: how your company is valued and perceived by the customers, stakeholders, and the market as a whole.

  • Paid Search: advertising where your business or brand advertises their product by bidding on desired terms on search engines.

  • Prospecting: banner advertising that attracts new customers who are likely to purchase.

  • Remarketing: an advertising tactic, serving targeted ads to people who have already visited or taken action on a company website.

  • Social Media: advertising your business or brand and product or services on social media channels.