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BHS Promotion – Riviera

BHS Promotion Riveria provides the main tourist locations on the French and Italian Riviera with printed information aimed at visitors. They promote your business through a network of brochures and card displays, maps, video screens, posters and mobile applications.

Distribution Territory and Channels

BHS Promotion Riveria distribution territory includes the French Riviera, the Principality of Monaco and the Italian Riviera. This includes the main cities on the French Riviera: Antibes, Cannes, Fréjus, Le Lavandou, Menton, Nice, Sainte-Maxime, Saint-Tropez, and Vence; and the main cities on the Italian Riviera: Diano Marina, Imperia, Sanremo and Ventimiglia.

They service 1,000 display racks in all types of tourist venues including hotels, visitors bureaus, campsites, B&B, lodges, guest rooms, leisure centers, attractions and restaurants. They also offer a corporate and cultural network through brochure racks and posters in companies, museums, theaters and other prominent locations.

Products and Services

BHS Promotion Riveria offers a wide range of promotional options, including:

Brochure distribution for visitors and local community: 850 information racks in hotels, tourist offices, campsites, attractions, shops, companies, museums, theaters and other prominent visitor locations.

Online ordering service:

Visites Passion: design, printing and distribution of cards during the peak season in restaurants, leisure centers, lodges, guest houses, campsites, tourist offices and supermarkets. Visites Passion services also include mobile applications to help locate your attraction and to animate your Visites Passion cards (augmented reality).

POS (point of sale) advertising: their cardboard posters placed on the top of the brochures racks can put your activity in the spotlight.

BHS TV: 22’ videoscreens mounted on displays in the top hotels can broadcast your activity.

Map "Ma Carte Côte d'Azur": 500,000 copies are printed and distributed to visitors each year. You can feature in advertisements and optional augmented reality mobile app.

Design, printing: They offer a design and printing service.

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