The Best Brochure Awards 2020

About Visitor International and the Best Brochure Awards 2020

Visitor International – The International Association of Visitor Information Providers - run an annual ‘Best Brochure Awards’ competition to encourage the effective design of brochures for visitors, and to acknowledge and commend those that produce well-designed, quality visitor brochures.

Visitor Brochures play an important role in tourism. They both inform and influence visitors and can guide them to wonderful experiences. This makes for happy visitors and equally happy providers of the experiences. The benefits of a happy visitor also accrue to the providers of the information (typically hotels, other lodgings, attractions, visitor centers and transport hubs) and to the destination itself.

However, some brochures are more effective than others, and much of this is down to their design. A good brochure on a display rack should instantly attract attention and arouse the interest of the visitor and, based on the brochures content and offering, encourage an action. It should prompt visitors to see or do something that they will enjoy.

The 2020 Best Brochure Awards Competition

During 2020, from a possible field of over 20,000 brochures, representing the collective client base of the association’s membership, brochures were nominated for consideration for the awards. The selection criteria used to both short-list the best brochures, and to select the overall and regional winners, included the visual appeal of the brochure; its effectiveness in communicating to visitors; the brochure’s content, and the quality of the print materials used.

The judges were all industry professionals representing visitor information brochure display and distribution companies and organizations from across the U.S., Mexico, Canada, Europe, Indonesia, and South Africa.


Below is a list of the Winners 2020