Using Professional Brochure Distribution Services

Brochures and maps are proven to be the single most important influencer of visitors during their trips. They are loved by visitors, and they are also the preferred choice of hospitality professionals.

You can see why they are the preferred choice of hospitality professionals here, and why they are loved by visitors here.

However, brochures and maps are only effective if they are well designed and if they are then placed in the locations and in a manner that enables visitors to easily see and select them during their visits – and that’s where the members of ‘Visitor International – The Association of Visitor Information Providers' come in.

Here are just some of the reasons Clients and Brochure Display Host Locations use the Services of Our Members

Reasons our Clients use the Services of our Members

  • Our members are experts in providing ‘during trip’ information to visitors, and they are all guided by a common code of standards and ethics, providing professional brochure distribution services to their clients with Integrity, Quality, and Results.
  • Our Association, formerly known as the International Association of Professional Brochure Distributers, has been in existence for over 40 years (established in 1975). Many of our members have been in the business for all or most of this period (some even longer!), and so have a deep knowledge of how to reach visitors, and how best to present producthappy-visitors-944 or service to visitors.
  • Each of our members has a unique offering, distributing brochures through their display networks in their respective areas. These are networks that they have built up over time, in the places that visitor’s frequent (lodgings, top attractions, airports, tourist and travel centers and more). They haven’t just selected the best places to distribute brochures, but the best means to display them, to maximize the opportunity for your brochure to be seen and to be picked up. When you become a client, you have access to these networks.
  • Our members regularly service all display stands to ensure your brochures are always on display so that visitors don’t miss out on finding you.
  • Our members also engage with concierge staff and other hospitality professionals to help ensure the information needs of visitors are always met.
  • While brochures and maps are the most effective means of influencing visitors, our members often offer a wider range of visitor information products and services to reach visitors, including brochure distribution, maps, magazines, mini-cards, smartphone and tablet apps, posters, desktop and mobile websites, digital displays and kiosks.
  • Our member’s distribution processes deliver great efficiencies. They distribute for multiple clients at the same time, and this results in cost savings to you and also reduces your carbon footprint.
  • Our members are environment-conscious. In addition to reducing your carbon footprint, they maintain print inventory to eliminate waste; they recycle all outdated brochures and other print material, and they run fuel-efficient fleets. They also optimize the delivery routes for every journey, carrying the brochures of multiple clients at the same time, on single journeys, filling display racks along each optimized route.
  • Our members network with members in other areas to exchange ideas, innovations, and experiences which you can benefit from. They can also provide introductions to visitor information providers in other areas if you are interested in reaching a wider audience.
  • Our members are always happy to provide advice on how best to reach visitors and what works best in terms of design and incentives to stimulate business. They can all offer customized solutions to meet your needs, and many also offer brochure design, print, warehousing and other support services.

Reasons Brochure Display Host Locations use the Services of our Members

  • Happy Guests stay longer, return again and recommend where they enjoyed staying. HOWEVER, it is typically the OVERALL Destination Experience that shapes the views of guests and visitors. This is understood by brochure display host locations - who understand the importance of guiding visitors to great local experiences. And, research says that brochure displays – together with friendly and helpful hospitality staff - are the most effective way to do so.
  • The staff of host locations are hospitality professionals. They have a great understanding of guest needs and the greatest potential to impact guest satisfaction levels. They overwhelmingly favor the use of brochures to assist guests with 94% highlighting the importance of providing visitor information.
  • Host locations understand that the members of Visitor International are all experienced, professional brochure distributors and information providers. They work closely with host locations to provide quality brochures displays, appropriate to the location. They carefully manage, monitor and merchandise these displays – ensuring they present well, feature a wide range of local attractions, are always well stocked and reflect well on the host location.