About Our Members

  • Our members are all professional visitor information providers that are trusted to deliver for their clients. They all follow the Association’s code of standards and ethics.
  • Our members distribute over 5 billion brochures and publications each year, all to inform and guide visitors to ensure they have an enjoyable time.
  • Each member has a unique offering, distributing brochures through display networks in their respective areas and often disseminating visitor information through other means.
  • All of our members specialise in visitor brochure distribution and related services. Over 40 years on from our establishment in 1975 (which pre-dates the internet by 16 years), brochures are still by far the most effective means of reaching and influencing visitors during their trip. This fact is known by both our members and their clients, who see the positive promotional impact of brochures – which is also reinforced by independent research.
  • While leaflets and brochures are the most effective means of influencing visitors, our members often offer a wider range of visitor information products and services including brochure distribution, maps, magazines, mini-cards, smartphone and tablet apps, posters, desktop and mobile websites, digital displays, kiosks, design services and more. This diversity was one of principal reasons the Association changed its name in 2016 from ‘The International Association of Professional Brochure Distributors’ to ‘Visitor International – The International Association of Visitor Information Providers.
  • One constant through the years has been collaboration. Members continue to refer business to each other to the benefit of members, their clients and visitors. They also share information and learnings through Visitor International and member network meetings. In this way, members all gain from the insights of each other's businesses and each company's different perspective.
  • Our members also play an important role in highlighting to management and staff at display stand host locations (such as lodgings, attractions, travel centres and international gateways) the importance of providing quality visitor information.