7 reasons visitors love brochures

Research confirms that visitors love brochures to guide them during their visits. Here are seven reasons why:

Dependable, always available and easy read. Brochures are easy to pick up and carry and easy to read, at any time or anywhere. They are not dependent on digital connections. In a recent reader survey, 81% said they prefer to read print on paper, rather than online or on mobile.

Engaging more senses: Brochures are tactile and engage far more of the senses than online.
They engage sight, touch, sound (handling and turning a page), and even smell (fresh print). This means visitors more easily absorb the information and act upon it if they choose.

Brochures are non-aggressive. In an aSenior Couple Reading A Tourist Mapge where consumers are over-saturated with emails, tweets, pop-ups and notifications, brochures are more personal. With brochures, the visitor has the option to read it now or read it later. Research also confirms that consumers are more relaxed when reading print than when reading online.

Brochures present just the right amount of information. A good brochure presents visitors with just the right amount of information, to both inform and help them make a decision. It also provides contact information, including the web address, if more information is required.

Tangibility: A printed brochure is a physical and ever-present reminder with a message for visitors to act upon whenever they choose to.

Shareability: Brochures and maps are easy to share with friends and family, and they facilitate engagement.

Brochures often provide rewards. Visitors love to receive discounts and other offers and brochures often include coupons, offers, and incentives.