Brochure Distributors – why become a member?

What is Visitor International - the International Association of Visitor Information Providers?

We are a trade group of over twenty-five companies from around the world that provide brochure and magazine distribution to tourists who visit our regions. We were founded in 1975.

Why Consider Membership?

The members of Visitor International - the International Association of Visitor Information Providers share a common interest in the practices, procedures, and challenges unique to our industry. Discussing these issues with other members is an invaluable resource.

Being a member of Visitor International puts a stamp of approval on your company, showing you have met the standards of quality we require.

Membership Benefits

  • The greatest benefit of membership is attending our annual conference. There we discuss common interests, goals, and challenges. These include vans, displays, routing and inventory software, staffing, sales techniques, and more. We hear member updates and make decisions to contract for research, produce promotional material, and improve our great website. Networking with people from similar businesses is unique in our field and can be extremely rewarding.
  • Using the Visitor International name and logo in your branding will identify your company as a member of a professional association of high standards.
  • In addition to supporting and promoting our industry, membership of the International Association of Visitor Information Providers brings excellent networking opportunities with other companies in the same business.
  • You will be profiled on the Visitor International website as a professional brochure distributor and visitor information provider within your country and territory. Your profile will include a description, photos and link to your website.
  • You’ll have access to extremely valuable timely research to inform clients of the effectiveness of brochure distribution and inform display rack host locations of the value of providing quality information to their guests.
  • Collaboration between members can be a very effective tool. Members often refer business to each other and share information on everything from displays, vehicles, hotel chains, warehousing, operations, personnel issues and more.


What do our Members Think?

“The benefits of Visitor International membership are evidenced in the increased sales activity that Official Guides of Savannah has seen during this past year. The opportunity to collaborate with colleagues in similar businesses has been invaluable. We have implemented some tangible business ideas and applications made possible through the association. We have also found Visitor International membership to be a significant resource for our staff.”        

DeAnne Mitchell, Official Guides of Savannah


"Having been in the tourism business for over 31 years, we value the opportunity Visitor International provides to network with other members who understand the challenges and rewards of running a brochure distribution company.  It was gratifying to join Visitor International and realize we were surrounded by other professionals who could collaborate with us on client referral and topical promotional strategies. We also value the marketing research, shared branding, and annual conferences."

Jennifer Toth, TDS Brochure Distributors


"Glance is proud to be the first European Member of Visitor International – the International Association of Visitor Information Providers. We have benefited enormously from membership including the Association meetings, and the on-going engagement with fellow members. The research the Association produces on the importance of 'within destination' visitor information is invaluable to us and supports us in influencing our brochure distribution clients and brochure-rack hosts. Members are also happy to share ideas and give insights freely on how different initiatives are working for them. We would strongly recommend membership for any company providing print and digital information to visitors."

John Rice, Owner, Glance Promotions


"PP&D Brochure Distribution has been distributing tourist brochures and magazines in Vermont, since 1981. We were pretty small in the early years. The knowledge I’ve gained from other association members has been incredibly valuable in growing our business and purchasing ten companies in the last twenty years. Being able to discuss business matters with people in our industry, who aren’t competitors, is a fantastic asset of membership. I also learn of trends in other markets that may affect us and regularly use the research and data for sales to my clients. A bonus is the good friends I’ve made along the way!"

Bill Orleans, Owner, PP&D


"Certified Folder Display Service origins date back to 1899 in San Francisco, CA. And, Certified belongs to many local, regional, state and national tourism organizations. But none of our memberships are as important and as critical as our membership in Visitor International!

Our membership in Visitor International provides our company with invaluable access to timely, relevant and critically important research on our industry and its continued impact and effectiveness in reaching visitors in today’s world. And, the networking and information sharing opportunities with our fellow members are extremely useful to our business. Plus, the opportunity to attend our Annual General Meetings in great cities in the USA, Canada, Mexico and Europe brings unforgettable travel experiences and lasting friendships.

We have been a Visitor International member since 1990, and we consider our membership in Visitor International an automatic annual investment! Any company in the visitor information brochure distribution business needs to be a member of this organization!"

Patrick C. Fearn, President, Certified Folder Display


"Print Distribution Service, LLC has been a member of Visitor International since the 1990s. We are one of the smallest members of the association and we are a big believer in Visitor International. Dues are very reasonable and we get a great return on our time and money invested. Some of the many benefits we have reaped over the years include customer referrals, networking opportunities, and lots of ideas to improve our operations. The association also conducts research projects and provides us with professional marketing materials that we can customise. Given our small size, we would not be able to produce these on our own."

Jay Stafford, Owner, Print Distribution Service


"For me, one of the most significant advantages of membership of Visitor International is participating in the Association’s Annual General Meetings. My team and I can talk in person with representatives of any member company around the world about issues we encounter in our business. As part of each AGM, we can also visit member companies at their locations, to see how their operation works and to get valuable insights that we learn from.

Understanding the nature of our business in different countries and environments (economic, cultural, and touristic) opens my eyes in different ways every year - meeting by meeting.

Finally, through participation in our Association, I realise that the majority of challenges I face as a business owner are similar to those my fellow business owners all over the world experience and overcome. This makes me more secure and confident in dealing with any challenge and with a feeling of great support from my colleagues."

Ioannis Giannakakis, CEO,  City Contact Ltd, Athens, Greece