What happens when your brochure is not on display – the sad story!

If your brochure is not being featured on a display rack, it means you lose an opportunity to present your product or service to visitors, and at the precise time they are actively exploring what to do, see and enjoy nearby.we-didnt-hear-about-you-unframed

When they are viewing a display rack, they are likely to be in the area and close to you. The decision to visit you or spend on your goods or services is an easy one – because they are far more open to it than if they were hundreds or even thousands of miles away.

They want action… and they want it now… but you are invisible to them, so they look at other options. Therefore...

  • They never g0t to purchase your merchandise or services, or pay an admission fee to your attraction, event or activity for themselves or for their families.
  • They never got to relax and spend time and money with you – perhaps on dining or gift shopping.
  • As they never got to visit or buy, they cannot act as your ambassador, recommend you, praise your brand or tell their friends and relatives of the great experience they had.
  • They can never Tweet about you, blog about you, like you on Facebook or write favorable reviews online.

…and all because you were not on the display rack, at the very time they wanted to find you. It's a sad story!

If you want to be found, use the services of one of our members in your area - see them here.