Why you should Host a Brochure Display

Happy Guests Stay Longer, Return Again and Recommend You. HOWEVER, it is the OVERALL Destination Experience that shapes views. This is why it is important to help guide visitors to great local experiences. And, research says that providing visitor brochure displays – together with friendly and helpful hospitality staff - are the most effective way to do so.

Here are some compelling reasons to host professionally-managed brochure displays:


#1: Brochures Help Guide Guests to Wonderful Experiences

Research by Bentley University's Center for Marketing Technology confirms that brochures and maps are the #1 influencer of what a visitor does during a trip. They play a key role in guiding visitors to wonderful nearby attractions and experiences that add to their enjoyment.

The more your guests or visitors enjoy the area, the more likely it is that they will extend their stay, return again or recommend YOU to friends and family.

#2: 98% of Hospitality Professionals value having Printed Information available for their Guests.

Research by Bentley University's Center for Marketing Technology says 98% of Hospitality Professionals value having printed Information available for their Guests. The importance of this data is that it comes from hospitality professionals who interact with guests. This is the opinion of the professionals at the check-in and concierge desks who have a great understanding of guest needs, and have the greatest potential to impact guest satisfaction levels.

#3: Visitors Love and Value Local Brochures

The most important source of information for a visitor during a trip is a local brochure, map or travel guide. Research says they are the number one influencer of visitors.

67% of visitors pick up a brochure during their visit, and it influences the actions of 95% of them. Visitors love brochures because they are informative, dependable, always available, easy to read and to share, tactile, and more trusted.

#4: Brochures Displays are non-intrusive and ever-present.

In an age where consumers are over-saturated with emails, tweets, pop-ups and notifications, brochure displays are non-intrusive and more personal.

The brochure displays are ever-present and are there for when the visitor seeks them out. They can simply pick up the brochures or maps of interest to them, to read then or to read later.

The displays can also be used, and drawn upon, by your hospitality staff to guide visitors.

#5: Displaying and Using Brochures to Guide Guests, says you Care to Share!

Hosting a Brochure Display says you care to share information about all there is to see and do in your local area.  And, providing information in the visitor’s preferred format, reflects positively on you as a host, and helps with friendly engagement. The happier visitors are, the more positively they will be disposed towards you.

Brochures and maps are perfect for informing and sharing and concierges, front desk staff, and travel advisors use them as a key tool to engage, inform and guide visitors.

#6: Visitors Prefer to Read Paper than online.

Here is why…

  • Brochures are easy to pick up, carry and read at anytime or anywhere.
  • They are not dependent on digital connections.
  • They are tangible, tactile and engage far more of the senses than online.
  • Visitors can more easily absorb the information and can act upon it if they choose.
  • Brochures are considered more personal and trustworthy.
  • They present just the right amount of information.
  • They are easy to share with friends and family, and facilitate engagement.
  • They often provide rewards via coupons, offers, and incentives.

#7: Brochure are Green!

Paper is made from a natural resource that is renewable, recyclable, and is one of the world’s truly sustainable products.

Visitor International members are all environmentally conscious. They:

  • Maintain print inventory to eliminate waste.
  • Recycle outdated brochures.
  • Run fuel-efficient fleets.
  • Operate efficient brochure distribution services, optimizing the delivery routes for every journey.
  • Carry the brochures of multiple clients at the same time.
  • Deliver efficiencies that reduce their client’s carbon footprint.

#8: A Brochure Display Supports the Local Community... that Supports Brochure Host Locations!

  • Local attractions, activities and services help to shape the destination and the visitor experience.
  • Supporting local businesses, by hosting a brochure display, shows you are part of the community. The more local businesses thrive, the more they will invest in marketing the area and in adding to the enjoyment of visitors - all of which will encourage visitors to return again and to recommend the destination and YOU, as a brochure display host, to family and friends.
  • Brochure Displays are also great in guiding visitors to what they are NOT looking for - presenting them with options that will surprise. The best experiences are often unexpected.
  • Local attractions, activities and service providers appreciate you promoting their businesses and will often reciprocate.

#9: PROFESSIONAL brochure distributors keep displays up-to-date

  • The members of Visitor International are experienced, professional brochure distributors and information providers.
  • They know that providing quality information to visitors delivers results for both their clients and for the locations that host brochure displays.
  • They provide quality brochures displays, appropriate to the location.
  • They ensure the information is up-to-date.
  • They carefully manage, monitor and merchandise displays – ensuring they present well, feature a wide range of local attractions, and are always well stocked.

"There is nothing worse than a guest going to an attraction to find it closed, all because a hotel has its own collection of brochures, not knowing they are out of date."

In Summary

  • Printed Brochures are powerful influencers of visitor behavior.
  • They play a key role in guiding visitors to wonderful nearby attractions and experiences that add to the visitor's enjoyment.
  • The more visitors enjoy the area, the more likely it is that they will extend their stay, return again or recommend YOU to friends and family.
  • Hosting professionally-managed brochure displays, makes great sense.