When travel resumes, visitor brochures will be Superheros

Visitor Brochures are the single biggest influencers of visitors during their trips. Four out of every five visitors pick up brochures during their trip and this influences the visit or buy actions of over seven in ten of them. They are also powerful because those on a trip actively select the brochures of their choice, and the very act of selection reflects their interest and this makes it highly likely they will act upon the information.

We know brochures have special powers in stimulating demand and action!

In fact, if a visitor brochure could speak, here is what it might say:


I am a Visitor Brochure

I am a Superhero for tourism businesses. Here’s why…

I have four special powers.

  • The Power to time travel – to be everywhere visitors are… and precisely at the same time.
  • The Power to influence and guide visitors. (4 out of 5 choose me)
  • The Power to change minds. (73% of visitors are open to changing their minds based on my information)
  • The Power of extreme endurance. I never sleep. I stay alert 24/7 to be there when visitors want to know what to do next.

At the same time, I am ever-present in hotels, holiday lodges, resorts, visitor attractions, tourist offices, transport points, and more.

I am the most trusted source for information, and I am a force for good.

I present visitors with great surprises and new discoveries.

I confer upon them the joy of anticipation, and great new knowledge to share with others.

I guide visitors to amazing experiences and I stay with them throughout their journey.

I frequently return home with them, to help them enjoy brilliant memories of special times, and to encourage others to visit.


In times of crisis, my powers become stronger. I influence those who are already nearby, and who want to know what to do next. I show them what they can enjoy right NOW, and at the point of their decision.


Let us be your hero!

If you want your brochures to become Superheros, contact any member of Visitor International. They have special powers too!  When travel resumes they have the power to win you more business during these most challenging of times.