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Brochures Unlimited

Brochures Unlimited (established 1965) blankets Upstate NY and Western PA with brochure displays. Their display locations include hotels, motels, info centers, airports, etc., making it easy for visitors to learn all the region has to offer. Just after checking in, visitors access these displays, retire to their room and plan their upcoming days, all before ever venturing out into the region. Brochures Unlimited displays make a great first impression of any attraction, event, etc.

In addition, local markets are reached though the Brochures Unlimited corporate/retail zones which include restaurants, retail stores, grocery stores, corporation foyers/cafeterias, universities/colleges, etc. Locals who generate repeat-business and referral-business use these displays as idea generators for entertaining the family or themselves.

Distribution Territory and Channels

Brochures Unlimited provides millions of brochures to visitors each year through their displays in cities/regions along the NYS Thruway from Albany to Niagara Falls, north into the 1,000 Islands Region, south through Central NY, the Finger Lakes region, the Southern Tier into Chautauqua Lake Region and beyond the NY border into Western PA, from the Allegheny Mountains Region, through Erie, PA and south into Pittsburgh. See their location “heat map” photo in the slide show below.

Their tourism locations fully blanket each region, not only through high-traffic locations like visitor information centers, interstate rest areas and airports, but also the majority of hotels and motels where the family has time to investigate the brochure display while checking in.

Products and Services

Turn-Key Brochure Advertising: Brochures Unlimited can do everything from simply distributing/displaying to designing, printing, shipping and distributing/displaying your brochure. You need not spend time looking any further for any brochure advertising aspect you require.

Visitor Marketing: Brochures Unlimited has formed zones throughout the territory which are centered around major cities, thereby providing their clients very targeted marketing through hotels, motels, information centers, transportation centers, etc. Larger zones include various rest area advertising along the NYS Thruway, exclusive to Brochures Unlimited, at no additional charge. The number of locations in zones may range from 40 locations for smaller markets to a few hundred locations for larger markets, like Niagara Falls. Whatever the number of locations, the region is blanketed to dramatically increase the exposure their clients receive. Accountability and marketing trackability is provided through monthly activity reports. Clients always know what was received at the Brochures Unlimited warehouses, what they have available for upcoming distribution and what made it to the market each month.

Local Marketing: Their corporate/retail zones, which are also centered around major cities, are designed to reach local people. This is achieved through displays in restaurants where they eat, foyers of retail and grocery stores where they shop, cafeterias/foyers/etc. where they work, gathering spots at the universities/colleges where they learn and many other spots where locals can be found. People become accustomed to the brochure displays and utilize them as a valuable resource when planning outings for the weekend, corporate picnics, vacations, etc. Often times, they don’t even pull a brochure. The brochure simply acts as a reminder, in essence saying, “Hey, you haven’t been to this attraction/event/locations/etc. in a while. Maybe it’s time to treat the family!” Their response, “Hey!! That’s a good idea. I forgot about that place!”

Sports Marketing: Their Sport, Ski & Activity zone includes ski/sport shops across NY as well as universities/colleges, restaurants, etc. where sports enthusiasts can be found. This zone is perfect for ski resorts, lodging services, “Getaway weekend” marketing, etc.

Premium Sites: Their premium sites include locations where large numbers of people are on the move. Locations include Buffalo-Niagara Int’l. Airport, which serves 5 million people a year, I-86 east/westbound rest areas serving millions, etc.

Travel Guides: Brochures Unlimited publishes their own Residents and Travelers Guides for the Niagara Falls/Buffalo area and the Rochester area. Guides include a map of the region and business card to full panel size ads for local businesses. The guide opens to eight panels per side. Therefore, every ad is easily visible, not buried within a multi-page book. Clients who can’t afford a full-blown brochure advertising campaign can still put their business in front of visitors and locals by advertising in these publications for ~5% of the cost. Because of the low cost to participate, many businesses place an ad in these guides in addition to their brochure advertising campaign. They do so because guides go places a dedicated brochure doesn’t. For instance, they get mailed out in informational packages for weddings, university/college welcome packages, convention events, etc. It’s hard to mail a 3” stack of brochures, but a single brochure guide, which fits into an envelope is ideal.

Brochure Design: Getting a brochure designed can be a hurdle to any business’ brochure advertising campaign. Therefore, Brochures Unlimited offers brochure design at a fixed cost, which is typically about ½ the average cost of other designers! They can offer this service at such a low and guaranteed price while utilizing award-winning designers, because their designers work primarily on brochure designs only and are extremely efficient. They have templates for any kind of business and are able to turn a design around quickly. Since a client puts their “best foot forward” with their website marketing, the designers use the website to develop the brochure. Seldom is anything more than a minor text change requested by the client upon seeing the proof. This is how clients are able to get a professional-looking, low-cost brochure designed by international award-winning designers... at a fixed low price, quoted upfront.

Brochure Printing: A brochure advertising campaign’s success is highly dependent upon a good quality brochure. However, printing the brochure should not be the primary cost in a campaign, nor should it take an unreasonable amount of time or cause stress. After hearing many horror stories about the price clients paid for print, the low quality they received by ordering through the internet, the hidden costs they discovered after the fact, late shipping causing a month’s loss of advertising, Brochures Unlimited decided to leverage their print volume and partner with printers to offer their clients the best quality at a low price. They typically save their clients hundreds to upwards of a thousand dollars on their print bill. In addition, they manage the entire print process from artwork submission, through proofing, scheduling, shipping and ultimately delivery to their warehouses and the client’s site. No hidden fees, no delays and no additional work required on their client’s part. Their client’s can focus on their business while Brochures Unlimited manages/focuses on the client’s brochure advertising campaign. All the while saving them hundreds of dollars, which can be used for displaying a brochure instead of producing it.

Office Location - just outside of Rochester, NY