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Certified Folder Display Service Canada, Inc.

Certified Folder Display Service, Inc. is North America's largest professional travel brochure distribution and display service. With over 22,000 visitor information display racks on location throughout Western and Central United States and Western Canada, our display racks supply the traveling public with helpful information on things to see and do both locally and regionally.

Certified Folder Display Service Canada, Inc. maintains offices in Victoria and Vancouver (Surrey).

Distribution Territory and Channels

Certified Folder Display Service Canada, Inc. provides a variety of service programs throughout British Columbia and Alberta.

Their primary Visitor Marketing program service visitor locations including hotels, resorts, motels, car rental offices, RV parks, attractions, museums and visitor centers.

Certified's BC Ferry program provides information via brochures, magazines and Digital Media Screens on-board BC Ferry vessels and terminals reaching visitors traveling between the Mainland, Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands.

To reach active outdoor sports enthusiasts, their Sports program maintains travel and recreation information brochure and magazine display racks at major retail sporting goods stores.

Products and Services

Certified Folder Display Service, Inc. provides a wide range of products and services:

Visitor Marketing: Their most popular plan, designed to reach both visitors and business people while they are traveling. Display racks are located in high traffic locations including hotels, motels, car rental offices, visitor centers, airports, chambers of commerce, restaurants, RV parks, campgrounds, and military bases. Whether you need to reach visitors in a particular city, state or region, this program allows you to select, target, and saturate your market. Options available for both brochure and publication distribution. Over 22,000 locations are available throughout Canada and the US!

BC Ferries: Their publication display racks are located onboard 20 ships and in 4 terminals, allowing advertisers to reach over 20 million passengers each year who travel coastal British Columbia via BC Ferries. Target your best prospects by selecting the route or routes that best suit your promotional needs. Options are available for both brochure and publication distribution, and digital media screens.

Sports Marketing: Connect with sports-oriented individuals through distribution at major sporting goods stores or ski shops. This time-proven and effective program allows you to reach your best prospects year-round or seasonally (winter or summer). During winter months, this program is ideal for promoting ski resorts, lodges and condominium rental services. In the summer, program emphasis changes to whitewater rafting, fishing, camping, and outdoor adventure. Options available for both brochure and publication distribution. Over 900 locations are available.

Washington State Ferries: Reach 24 million passengers each year through Certified’s new Media Rack System that combines digital media (LCD screens) with traditional publication display racks that allow advertisers to showcase their product or service and encourage literature pick-up. Their new systems are in place and operating on 18 ships and in 6 terminals. Participation is limited. Options available for brochure distribution, publication distribution, and digital media advertising.

Super Sites: Select high-traffic locations are now available for distribution of your brochure or publication on an individual location basis. These locations include major airports and visitor information centers. At each location, display racks are positioned for maximum exposure. Most locations are serviced 2-3 times per week; some receive daily service. Current airport locations include Vancouver, Seattle, San Jose, Oakland, Santa Barbara, San Diego, Orange County, Ontario, Burbank, Missoula and Phoenix/Mesa Gateway.

ExploreBoard: Transforming how and when visitors receive information, the award-winning ExploreBoard drives brand awareness and is an effective tool influencing travel purchasing behavior.

Visitors can explore nearby attractions, access maps and directions, preview menus, brochures and videos, book now as well as send content from the board to a personal device via email or text message options. This cutting-edge marketing tool displays high definition images and videos while offering visitor information in six languages including English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese and Mandarin. Certified brings you the best of both worlds - traditional brochure distribution and online display racks. Their website allows users to access brochures or publications by city or region before leaving home or while traveling. Visitors can save brochures to their 'Digital Suitcase' to view at any time using their personal computer, iPhone app, or any mobile device.

Traveler Info Guides and Custom Publishing: Fearn’s Traveler Info Guides are published by Certified Folder Display Service, Inc., the nation’s largest professional brochure distribution and display service. Because they own and maintain all of the visitor information display racks through which the Traveler Info Guides are distributed and displayed, they guarantee your advertisement will be seen by thousands of visitors to your area!

Their display sites include better hotels, motels, car rental offices and visitor information centers – exactly the places you want to be seen!

Their Victoria/Vancouver Island Visitor’s Guide is printed annually, and is distributed throughout Western Canada, the Pacific Northwest and other major markets.

Certified Design Services: Their award-winning in-house print and multi-media design department provides creative solutions and great service, all at very affordable rates! Whether it’s a rack card, multi-panel full-color brochure, magazine, catalog, or a complete identity package (logo, business cards, media kit and stationary), their full-service design department has the necessary tools and expertise to meet all of your print and multi-media needs.

They specialize in creative solutions for business communications that get results. With your success in mind, they deliver award-winning marketing projects on time and within budget. Their team of experienced designers turns ideas into quality business solutions.

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