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City Contact

City Contact operates the largest organized brochure display network in Greece, providing distribution at over 1,000 visitor locations all over the country. It distribute over 2 million brochures each year, and reaches visitors when they are in hotels, vacation rentals, attractions, convention centers and restaurants.

Distribution Territory and Channels

City Contact has installed more than 300 Info Stands® in hotels, museums and restaurants. It distributes brochures on a regular basis and under special agreements through hotel receptions and concierges, congresses, travel agencies, embassies and other popular areas for tourists.

City Contact operates in Athens, Thessaloniki, Crete Island (Chania & Heraklion), Mykonos Island, Santorini Island, Rhodes Island, Corfu Island and Chalkidiki.

Products and Services

What kind of brochures are distributed through the Info Stands®?

All business enterprises, such as tourist sites, museums, theme parks, exhibitions, restaurants, cinemas, shows, shopping malls, traditional products, retail stores, aiming to advertise and promote services and products to visitors, can have their brochures distributed by City Contact.

How is the distribution organized?

The Info Stands® are regularly renewed by experienced staff. The advertiser can determine the duration of time they want the brochures to be displayed on the Info Stands® as well as the number of Info Stands® on each area.

Why advertise through the Info Stand®?

Tourists, especially while visiting a foreign country, are difficult to contact through the traditional media. By placing brochures on the Info Stand® they can be presented, effectively and simply, with information about any business or product. Tourists expect free information to be handed out to them upon their arrival to any destination.

Graphic Design Services: City Contact offers an in-house design department providing professional brochure design services to clients interested in reaching their targeted audience.

Publications: City Contact publishes more than 25 different Guides and Μaps annually, at a total of 1.5 million copies (2016). These publications are distributed daily by our network and their titles include:

  • Athens Guide - 400.000 copies annually

  • Athens Map - 500.000 copies annually

  • Athens by Metro & Tram Map - 150.000 copies annually

Smartphone Apps: City Contact has launched an iPhone App titled 'Your Athens Guide'. The app gives information on what to do and see, where to shop and where to eat while staying in Athens.

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