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FBS (France Brochures System) since 1989

FBS is a leading provider of visitor information in Paris, providing brochure/map distribution in more than 2 000 displays around the City.

They also run video campaigns on touch screen displays in hotels; produce a quarterly magazine 'Greater Paris' and distribute mini-cards in cafes and restaurants throughout the City. FBS can also target Parisians.

Distribution Territory and Channels

FBS is a leading provider of visitor information in Paris and its suburbs. They target visitors via hotels, youth hostels, airports, train stations, tourist board information, touristic buses, boats on River Seine, museums, monuments and attractions. They also target visitors and  Parisians through companies, Auchan department stores, bars, restaurants and more.

Products and Services

FBS offer a range of promotional options and channels, including:

  • 20 distribution networks for flyers, leaflets, brochures, postcards, magazines

  • Two video networks (including touch screen in hotels and on cruises)

  • Two mini-cards "Visite Passion" networks

  • 11 poster networks.

In addition to distribution, FBS can also offer a brochure design and print services and warehouse storage facilities.

They can also tailor campaigns to suit a client’s needs including organising street marketing events and sales force calls to hotels.

FBS produce a quarterly bilingual (French/English) magazine "Greater Paris". The magazine is extremely influential and was first published in 2008. They can accommodate full page and half page advertisements.  Each quarterly edition of ‘Greater Paris’ has a print run of 250,000 copies and it is distributed in circa 2,000 locations.

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