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get it

‘get it’ is a Mexican company specialising in providing information to visitors to Mexico City, the world’s largest city. ‘get it’, which was established in 2003, delivers great results to their large client base by promoting their products or services through publications and through their displays in the most important venues in the city.

Distribution Territory and Channels

‘get it’ services the biggest city in the world, Mexico City, through displays and outlets in hotels, corporations, embassies and universities.

Products and Services

‘get it’ provide a range of visitor information and brochure display services,  including

  • A range of visitor information theme brochures and maps, in which you can advertise.

  • Their 'Front Desk' map - one of the most popular sources of information used by hotel staff.  They guide guests to the main attractions in that particular city or town... and to their advertisers.

  • Brochure display services through their extensive network

  • Lobby Boards - these allow you have your product displayed in a very visible way. These function as billboards in their Information Centers.

  • Digital Information Center -  regardless of the type of brochure that you order, with ‘get it’ your brochure will also be available for everyone to see through their Digital Information Center. They also have a mobile app (for Android and IOS systems) which make it possible for your brochure to be available at the fingertips of a potential future client. In this way they see your profile, your location, and instructions on how to get to your business.

  • 'get it'  also provide a design and print service.

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