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Getaways On Display

Getaways On Display gets tourism brochures in the hands of qualified consumers throughout the Mid-Atlantic, USA. Their hundreds of display locations reach highly valued visitors. They also operate Pennsylvania On Display – serving roadside information and service centers throughout Pennsylvania. They also publish maps and manufacture brochure displays.

Distribution Territory and Channels

Getaways On Display operates in the mid-Atlantic region of the USA, which is mostly in the North Eastern USA. They are headquartered in and dominate distribution options in the State of Pennsylvania, and also have hundreds of displays in New Jersey and Delaware. They also have hundreds of display locations in South Eastern USA (Maryland and Virginia).

Their displays are in hotels, motels, tourist attractions, automobile club offices, travel agencies, welcome centers, turnpike service plazas, interstate rest areas, recreational vehicle centers, shopping malls, community centers, libraries, and a small number of other locations where consumers congregate.

Products and Services

Getaways On Display offer multiple options for their clients so they can select from geographically based sets of display locations or individual interstate rest areas or turnpike service plazas.

Brochure Display
One of the distinguishing benefits of Getaways On Display is that many of their locations are well suited for brochures and visitor guides from virtually anywhere. This is particularly true in the six sets of locations they call “Travel Consumer Areas”. Each of these distribution options has approximately 60 display locations and are geographically grouped. These six areas are named for their geography rather than the types of locations. They include North & East Pennsylvania, South Central Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Metropolitan, South Western Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland/Virginia.

Getaways On Display is also different than most companies in the industry in that they service their own displays in American Automobile Association (AAA) offices. Their clients can select an option that includes more than 40 AAA offices in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Getaways On Display is the official distribution company for the State of Pennsylvania. As such, they have their own brochure displays in all of the 35 interstate rest areas throughout the State and 17 full-service turnpike service plazas on the very busy Pennsylvania Turnpike. These displays reach large numbers of traveling consumers.

Display Design and Manufacturing
Another distinguishing benefit unique to Getaways On Display is that nearly all of their displays are of a modern design that showcases the full face of every brochure, rather than simply the top couple of inches. They can use this unique and effective style of display because they manufacture the display units. They not only make a variety of displays to meet the particular needs of their host locations but, operating as Great Display Company, they also design and manufacture many related displays used in countless other industries. See

Local Map – Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Getaways On Display publishes an annual map of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. They are in the heart of “Amish Country”, but the city of Lancaster also has much to offer tourists and residents alike. Their publication, called the Lancaster Compass Map, is a staple around town and throughout the County and is available on all of their local displays as well as most gathering spots in the area.

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