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Glance Visitor Media

Glance Visitor Media provides a range of products and services throughout Ireland, targeting visitors during their holiday, and encouraging them to visit and enjoy their client's great experiences and services. Our products and services encompass brochure display; the attraction and destination specific Your Daily Adventure visitor guide; visitor GuideMaps; whereCARDS visitor information, and smart communication to online websites.

Distribution Territories and Channels

Glance Visitor Media brochure display networks include Galway, Clare, Limerick, Cork, Waterford, Wexford, Kilkenny, Dublin Airport, Shannon Airport, Cork Airport, and Rosslare Ferryport.

The brochure display service works with a wide range of host locations including hotels, attractions, travel centres, tourist offices, visitor information points, motorway service stations, bus & rail stations, car hire offices, and visitor retail outlets.

The 'Your Daily Adventure Visitor Guides' are Ireland's #1 Visitor Guides. First published in 2002, there are 5 Regional Editions - Dublin, Ireland's West, Cork & Kerry, South East and Shannon Region.

Dublin whereCARDS are pocket-sized cards and offer an easy, powerful and cost-effective way to promote our clients to visitors. The system is fully managed by Glance from design, print, storage, and distribution, right through to the display of the cards throughout the network in high-profile locations.

Products and Services

  • Brochure Display

  • Dublin whereCARDS

  • Daily Adventure Visitor Guides - Ireland's #1 Visitor Guides

  • Visitor GuideMaps

  • Visitor Information Websites

  • On-line Brochure Ordering & Distribution

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