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Phillips Brochure Distributing

Phillips Brochure Distributing provides brochures, maps, and visitor guides to its network of displays throughout Nashville and surrounding counties. They have been serving the tourism community since 1980 and have built a reputation for connecting tourism-connected visitors with eager visitors.

Distribution Territory and Channels

Brochure Distribution: Phillips Brochure Distributing, situated in the heart of Nashville, TN, has been a pivotal player in the brochure distribution market of Nashville and Middle Tennessee since 1980. Led by the pioneering efforts of Barry and Bonnie Ingle, their business quickly established a reputation for connecting attractions, activity providers, shopping venues, dining spots, transport and tour providers, and entertainment outlets with eager visitors.

Visitor Guides: In 1991, they launched the "In & Around® Nashville" visitor guide. This meticulously curated guide, with an impressive annual print run of 400,000 copies, soon became an indispensable tool for tourists. What amplifies its reach is its distribution network. Beyond its general brochure display network, it is also available at 16 welcome centres run by the Tennessee Department of Tourist Development and 19 rest areas under the purview of the Tennessee Department of Transportation. It's worth noting that this publication is free to all visitors, enhancing its appeal and winning business for those featuring within it.

Brochure Display Racks: A hallmark of Phillips Brochure Distributing's service is its distinctive Brochure Display Racks. These strategically positioned racks provide tourism-connected businesses with an unmatched platform to showcase their offerings. They are prominently placed in various prime locations, ensuring businesses gain the visibility they desire among lodgings, visitor attractions, and other hotspots frequently frequented by tourists.

Website: They have an excellent consumer-facing website that guides visitors to the best experiences in Nashville and nearby. This features many of their clients seeking to boost their business. See

Products and Services

Their range of services includes:

  • Brochure and leaflet distribution and display

  • The year-round "In & Around® Nashville" visitor guide.

  • Their popular visitor website at

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