New Hospitality Visitor Information Survey 2019 shows that hospitality professionals overwhelmingly favor the use of printed media to assist guests.

Printed Brochures, Maps, and Guides are The Preferred Hospitality Visitor Information Resource

An international study undertaken during Spring 2019 into the usage and effectiveness of hospitality visitor information in hotels shows that hospitality professionals overwhelmingly favor the use of printed media to assist guests in their properties.

The study, undertaken by Bentley University, Center for Marketing Technology, in collaboration with Visitor International, examined 891 responses from hospitality professionals at locations in North America - United States, Canada and Mexico; in Europe – Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Scotland, Spain; and in Africa - South Africa.

The value of the information is that it comes from the survey answers provided by the concierge and the front office staff within the hospitality industry. These are the opinions of the professionals at the check-in and concierge desk that have the greatest potential to impact guest satisfaction with their accommodation.

The Key Findings

  • Almost 97% of hotel hospitality staff consider visitor information as either extremely important (82.1%) or very important (14.5%). Hospitality professionals also overwhelmingly favor the use of printed media to assist guests staying in their properties.
  • Printed maps are rated #1 by ranking of extreme importance (78%) followed closely by brochures (74%) and printed guides (62%). Combining the ratings of 'extremely important' and 'very important' then both printed maps and brochures are virtually equal in importance.
  • Electronic visitor information kiosks are growing in importance with a 63% overall importance rating, but clearly, the tactile, physical properties of printed information is favored.
  • In-room publications lag behind other media (47%), perhaps suggesting they perform an entertainment function but lack the utility of a map or brochure.

The Reasons Cited as to why brochures work include:

  • Printed visitor information enhances the guest's experience.
  • Surprisingly in the digital age, brochures and maps provide access to information faster than the internet.
  • Brochures are informative and facilitate better engagement between hotel hospitality staff and guests.
  • Printed brochures, maps, and guides enhance the reputation of a hotel and its staff (caring, more friendly and helpful)
  • Brochures displays provide the guests with all they need to know about their area.
  • Print is easier to share.
  • Brochures and Maps optimise the time spent engaging with visitors on queries.
  • Brochures displays support local businesses.

For more insights on the thinking of hospitality professionals and visitor information, download the 8-page presentation here