Travel & Tourism – how it impacts the global economy and how we help

Below is a wonderful graphic from the World Travel and Tourism Council which highlights
how 'Travel Pays' and shows how the money moves through the economy once a visitor
travels and spends. It first benefits those businesses directly involved in tourism and travel
and then percolates down to positively impact the wider economy.

Of course, nothing happens in tourism and travel until a sale is made - as only spending
begins 'the money journey'. This is where 'Visitor International' comes in. Our members
provide visitors with information to encourage them to purchase YOUR tourism products
and services - so that YOU are the first to benefit as the money travels. Happy days!


Tourism and Travel Forecast to Grow to 2026: Did you know that, according to the World Travel and Tourism Council, The Travel & Tourism sector is forecast to grow, in terms of GDP contribution, by 4% on average per year between now and 2026. It will then support 370 million jobs which will equate to 1 in 9 of all jobs in the world.